Valentine Poems

18/03/2009 12:49

Till We Meet Again

Till We Meet Again


I feel free one day

I do not know why

Like a bird in a cage

And no it flies so high

But it seems I like to cry

It’s because of you

I have not bade good bye


Someday I know we’ll meet again

The right time for the two of us

Today our love gains pain

Maybe this is the wrong time too


Now we’ll leave having different paths

Tomorrow I know we’ll meet half way

And we’ll be walking in one way


Shishi, June 22 1994


18/03/2009 12:48



You are my love one

And you never know that

You are the one

The one whom I cherished a lot


18/03/2009 12:47



Your eyes is so nice

And it’s like turning me into an ice

Your hair shines

And it blinds my eyes

Your kissable lips, makes mine longing for your kiss

Your arms... a hug I’ve longed

Oh there’s many to admire in you, I see

And I am sorry to say, I hate it...

Because you are everywhere I look and see

Whether I am asleep or awake,

You have never been apart from me

You are the matter that occupies my mind


Your heart is what I want

A thief I am, and I’ll steal your heart

Like how you stole mine

It is true indeed that you are the center of my full attention

And this will always be a secret that I’ll never regret


Shishi, June 21 1994

18/03/2009 10:49



Why are there so many things I cannot understand?

Is it me that makes me wonder and make things difficult to understand?

Why do I aim for so many things I cannot understand?

Why can’t I have what I dream for?

Why do I have questions I cannot answer?

But now I know,

It’s just maybe it is not the right time for any answers

There will come a time, I’ll know why

And I’ll find the answers within myself.

                -Sha, 1993

18/03/2009 10:26

Dream Boy

Dream Boy   

I’ve once dreamt about you

That’s enough for me to feel special about you

I’ve always wished to see you again in my dreams

But you never showed yourself again

I really miss you

I want to see you once more

The last thing you told me is that I am still young

You will wait for me till I grow up

I will bear that in my mind

I promise to wait for you too

I hope to see you again

Not only in a dream… but in reality..

                -Sha 1993

18/03/2009 10:23


It is hard to say I love you

Especially if it is true

As I see you at noon

My heart sang in tune

But if I don’t see you

I am as lonely as a crow

A brook singing softly

Is like my heart singing

My heart is beating

As my eyes gaze at your direction

As I say I love you more than words can say

                -Sha, September 6, 1993

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Why do I feel this way?

I hate this feeling inside that I always tried to hide

Whatever you are in my heart,


Leave me ALONE!

Why am I hurt when I see him with someone else?

Oh these feelings will kill me


I do not want to see him anymore!

I do not want to talk to him anymore!

 I do not want to love him anymore!

I want to hate him...  I hope I can...



Do not be lazy, do not be too slow

My love is fading

You better do something

Honestly, you are really slow


Do not be stupid

You must impress me

Tell me how you loved me sincerely

But I guess we’re both hooked by Cupid


You’re staying away

So far I can’t reach

And there comes a guy

 Who’s always there when I am need

Do something, my LOVE is fading away


Never blame me,

You are the one who forced me to look for someone else

I think he really is better

Although, I feel I love you a lot better


If your LOVE for me is something you cannot give up

If I am someone you cannot live without

Then do something, my love is fading