Forsaken Feeling

17/03/2009 20:59

I am neither feeling bad nor sad

I may be peculiar, but I am not a liar

I wanted to be frank but I don’t want to sank

But why do I feel that nobody loves me?

I don’t think they’re jealous of me

And I don’t have a hard face

To bear that in my mind and just make face


I hate it when they whisper

Talking like an announcer

I don’t know what is right or wrong

Because they often tell me that I am wrong

I feel they’re all against me

Telling words that hurts me

I am not sick with a contagious disease

But why won’t they give me a chance to be me

Now can you tell me if they see me us somebody?

No I don’t think so because I know they see me as nobody

                -Halli, January 28, 1994 

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