Alone In The Dark

17/03/2009 20:58

There are times you need someone to talk to

To talk why you are blue

To have someone to share with

Especially in this very moment

But all your peers are busy for you

And no one is available

That’s the time you feel alone

Alone in the dark where there’s no one to help you

You feel mad but you told yourself “You don’t need any of them”

There are tears in our eyes

But you forced yourself not to cry

You really feel bad and you want to voice out what you feel

But you don’t have strength to do all those things

You don’t want to try because you don’t ant to fail again

Now you feel alone

Alone in the dark

But you see a light that is different from your sight

It is coming closer where you are

And now that you are with that light

You now know that you never had been alone

Because there was always someone beside you

Ready to help you

And he is more than your peers

It is God who changed you and who light up your life…

-Sha, 1992-1993


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