Mga Filipino tula at iba pa tungkol sa kasaysayan ng wikang filipino

One thing I can guarantee is the tagalog poems or the Filipino tula or tulang filipino and English poems as well were all ORIGINAL.  It was an expression of a high school girl whose feelings are suppressed. 

Many people are not as assertive and as verbal as others.  Writing poems and essays are the best way to express one’s own feelings.  The hardest feeling to express is about love.  Most poems posted here are love poems and tagalog poems or the Filipino tula or tulang Filipino.  Some are Filipino tula written in English language.



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MUSA is a tribute to all Filipino poets who put into rhymes our lives and loves.-  chuckpinoy

The making of filipino poet!!! 

Filipinos are poet in general.  They just don't know it.  When in anger they say such a dramatic dialogue which are for telenovelas.  When they're in love they say or write beautiful things to describe their feelings.  If all of these artistic thoughts are put into writing they can evolve into the Filipino tula or tulang filipino which can contribute a lot to the Filipino culture!!!

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